More Government Shutdown Stories, Because This Thing Is STILL GOING ON

I wish I had better news for you today, but here we go:

News Roundup, Divided By Topic

On food, wages, and healthcare.

Today’s News Roundup Isn’t Entirely Political

I’ve got an Ask a Manager column in there, to balance out all of the government shutdown stories.

Zuckerberg Hospital Doesn’t Want to Be Friends With Local Insurers

Today’s News Roundup will focus on a single story: what’s going on with the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital?

Good Articles about All Kinds of Jobs

I don’t know what it was about the past week, but there were so many good articles and essays about jobs.

News Catchup

And a little news mustard.

A Festive Holiday Smorgasbord of Links

Even though only one of these stories is holiday-related.

Three Stories About the Cost of Publication

Life gets more expensive when local newspapers close.

On Age, Debt, and Cracker Jacks

It’s the Tuesday News Roundup!

Improving Your Finances, Cutting Your Spending, and Maybe Retiring Someday?

It’s the Tuesday news roundup!

Three Seasonally-Appropriate Articles

On stocks, healthcare, and holiday travel.

Tuesday Newsday

It’s time to catch up on all the news that happened over the long weekend!

A Veritable Cornucopia of Articles


Three Stories That Are Actually About Personal Finance This Time

On the 401(k), the Pink Tax, and our overall financial health.

Three Holiday-Themed Articles

As we approach the most wonderful time of the year.

A Veterans Day News Roundup

I’ve got two Veterans Day stories and two political stories for you this Monday — and if you are a veteran, thank you for your service.

Two Webcomics About Different Kinds of Magic

On Magic the Gathering and the magic of reading nooks.

Here Are Some Articles to Read While You Wait on Election Returns

Because it’s going to be a while.

Three Articles Worth Sharing for the Headlines Alone

Though the articles are also worth reading.

Wealth, Debt, Unions, and Festivals

It’s the Tuesday news roundup!

Two Articles and Two Podcasts About Stores That Are Going or Recently Went Bankrupt

No good retailer is gone forever.

Four Articles on the Mega Millions Lottery

Even when you take taxes into account, your lottery ticket is still going to be worth more than the $2 you paid for it. Theoretically, anyway.

Three Articles About Tiny Amounts of Money

Do you send Venmo requests for amounts less than $5?

Three Articles and One Podcast About the Environment

There’s some good news… and a lot of bad news.

Three Articles, One Academic Paper, and One Poem for Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day

On government funding and equal pay.