The Cost of a Bipolar 1 Diagnosis

It was during Thanksgiving break of what was supposed to be my final semester of college.

A History of My Healthcare Costs

I mention to a friend that I was dropped by Kaiser. She looks at me and says “What are you doing for insurance?”

Throwback Thursday: Money I Spent and Lost During the Government Shutdown

Spent the entire day on the couch, watching television in my pajamas, and obsessively checking the Washington Post for shutdown updates.

On the Benefits of Escaping Family and Going to Europe for Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving I took a secret trip to London and Paris.

The Cost of Running for Local Office as a Last-Minute, Write-in Candidate

I hadn’t planned on running for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

The Hidden Costs of Poverty

If you had told me that being poor would be the most expensive thing I have ever experienced, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Balancing Mental Health and Financial Needs

My depression snuck up on me — and cost me my job.

What I’ve Learned From Fifteen Years in the Entertainment Industry

As someone who has been making media for almost fifteen years, I have not yet made a full-time living from my own creative work.

Financing My Boyfriend’s Dream With My Own

I tried so hard to hide the resentment and worry I felt whenever a joint expense came up. But he knew.

The Cost of Getting C. Diff

One day in December, I got mysteriously ill. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that I was suddenly spending a LOT of time on the toilet.

Thoughts on Rounding the $300,000 Portfolio Milestone

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life and in personal finance, but the one thing I did right was invest in my 401(k) immediately upon starting my first career-building job in 2008.

I Quit My Crappy Job and Traveled

I immediately bought tickets to go to Hawaii with a flexible return date.

How to Get a Corporate Job

It’s not hard to get a job at a major company’s corporate headquarters, especially if you treat it like a goal.

How to Navigate a Windfall

After the initial shock wore off, it was time to figure out what to do with all those dollars.

When You Used to Have a Career — But Now You Don’t

I didn’t change careers by choice.

How I Doubled My Income With Two Years of Grad School

MBA programs are only two years long (or less), and they’re designed to place you straight into a job after completion.

The Cost of Moving Gran

Six months ago we discovered my grandmother had outlived her savings and could no longer afford to stay in her home.

The Cost of Holiday PTSD

To handle the schedule, the dreams, the recurring yet inconsistent terror, I arrange my life as predictably as I can.

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

The cost of considering a move abroad.

How to Handle Holiday Gatherings When You’ve Been Laid Off

Your family will want to know everything about your current situation, and you have to decide what you’re going to tell them.

What Does It Mean to Be a Financial Sponsor to Relatives Immigrating to the United States?

And should I take on this responsibility?

Money With a Side of Guilt

On borrowing money from your parents.

My Reparations Tax

I’m giving away 10 percent of any money that my family gives me to organizations that directly benefit racial minorities.

My Mother’s Real Estate Obsession

For years, I resented how I got roped into fulfilling her dreams for her, which was confusing because they were actually her dreams for me.

Our Parents’ Careers: My Mother’s First Three Jobs in the United States

Yan had two choices for survival: restaurant work, or a gig at a clothing factory.