No, Mom, I Won’t Ask Dad

What each of my parents taught me about money.

The Folks Are Not All Right

When it was time for me to leave home, I never questioned that my parents wouldn’t be okay.

My Mother Is a Gambling Addict

She’s spent through her own savings and has been living on my financial support.

The Girl Who Stayed Home

I think people like me wait for the phone call. Otherwise, we wouldn’t stay so close, and we wouldn’t grow those roots.

Everything I Thought When My Father-In-Law Moved In

What are we going to do?

I Paid Off My Husband’s Student Loans

“You know,” I said casually one day, “it would make more sense for me to pay those off than for you to keep paying 7 percent interest on them.”

The Cost of Visiting a Close Friend

My Nine Months as an Uber Customer Service Rep

What I remember most are the funny stories from disgruntled riders.

Money I Spent and Lost During the Government Shutdown