Getting Clear on Clearance

It better be a big deal.

It’s Calendar Time

It’s the beginning of 2019 and you know what that means — new calendars and planners.

Less for Your Money

Am I the only one noticing that many food items are shrinking their portions while raising the price?

The Two That Got Away

Even though I have two degrees, there were another two degrees that I never completed.

Paying Out at the Ballgame

Usually, I don’t make last-minute travel plans because I don’t want to incur the extra cost.

House Dream Is It?

From the time that I sold my family home in 1984 to the present, I have never wanted to buy a home.

Construction Is Not Cheap

I needed a bra that was constructed like an expensive house — stylishly keeping everything in, looking good inside and out, and holding up over time.

Be True to Your Store

Was weighing down my wallet with rewards cards saving me money?

I Want Action!

After viewing the new Black Panther movie, I couldn’t wait to get the action figures — but they were nearly sold out.

I’ll Always Have Paris

When I was a young girl imagining adulthood, I never imagined being 60.

Check, Please

Does anyone write checks anymore?

A Tale of Two Minis

It’s just not fair. If I had a dollar for every time I have uttered those words in 60 years, I would have had the $18,997 needed to pay for that car.

The Cost of Halloween Decorating

What would Morticia do?

Start Complaining

Twenty years ago, I was forced to start complaining when my car caught on fire.

Festival Time

A long-awaited trip to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

The Cost of Company

I Won, I Won!

Winning $4 on a scratcher lottery ticket.

To Boldly Spend

Old Opinions Not Needed

Got to Give It Up

An Affordable Vegas Birthday

A San Francisco Transportation Adventure

If You Build It…

Moving in Stereo

Santa’s Pumpkins