The Cost of Eating Clean, Bro

I never thought that Eat Clean Bro would be something that I would want to partake in, until my boyfriend started a new job working the night shift at a lab.

The Top 10 Mugs I Ever Bought

Not too long after we started dating, my boyfriend took a look at my kitchen and said, “For a single woman, you sure have a lot of mugs.”

Clean: A Halloween Story

The handprints are everywhere. No matter how many times I clean, they come back.

Observing The Game “For the Experience”

My night at a Neil Strauss book signing.

Places I’ve Lived: New York Edition

My bedroom was one of two beds in the common area, and two other roommates shared a private room.

The $25 Nap: The Dreamery Nap Pod Experience

The biggest question I had going into the experience was whether or not I would sleep.

A Clothing Return Roundtable

I asked a group of friends about their outlook on returns and how return policies affected their shopping habits.

The Cost of Cutting Back on Meat

Vegetable-based meals aren’t necessarily cheaper.

The Cost of Becoming a Pilot

An interview with my friend Erika about her career in aviation.

The Cost of Fixing Something When It Breaks

The look of despair as he stared at the bull immediately showed how important it was to him.

How to Spend Your Prepaid Debit Gift Cards

Without leaving too much of the balance unclaimed.

When Your Big Move Sends You on a Four-Month Detour

I had been waiting impatiently for months for either a rejection or acceptance letter. I was offered a trip to Europe instead.

A Tale of Three Birthdays in 10 Years in New York

I have never been the kind of person who insists on celebrating my birthday, though a big part of that stems from the fact that my birthday falls on Christmas.

Gift-Giving Through the Ages

Specifically, my ages.

The Cost of Going to Concerts Again

For many years, I was horribly out of touch with the pop music scene.

Every Side Hustle I’ve Ever Had: Playwright, Professional Desk Cleaner, Transcriptionist

Here is a list of pretty much every side hustle I’ve had in the past ten years.

Moving to Brooklyn for Love

The first few years I lived in New York, my friends and I had a joke that I hated going to Brooklyn.

My Last $100: Too Darn Hot Edition

Making financial decisions based on air conditioning and comfort.

Halfway and Half-Assed: Loyalty Cards I Have Neglected

I have six Hale & Hearty cards at the bottoms of old purses.

What We Buy When We’re Drinking

The Year of Free Flights

The Cost of Keeping a Well-Stocked House

When Your Biggest Financial Gambles Are Your Best Life Decisions

Adventures in Poshmarking

In Search of an Affordable Hairstylist