The Cost of a Bipolar 1 Diagnosis

It was during Thanksgiving break of what was supposed to be my final semester of college.

Why I’m Shutting Down The Billfold

Here’s a little more financial transparency.

Classic Billfold: How Gilmore Girls Do Money: Richard Gilmore

I am writing this letter to assure you that I have always loved you, tremendously.

Question Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means — okay, I know we’re all still kind of reeling, but I have a question for you.

The Billfold Is Shutting Down

Sad news, everyone. Let’s do this Q&A style, ’cause that’s how I usually do big Billfold announcements.

How a Woman Who Got a MBA to Double Her Earning Power Does Money

Grace (not her real name) is a 30-something marketer in Colorado.

Weather Report From Deep Inside the Family

A poem from Tara K. Shepersky.

In Which I Decide to Go After Financial Independence

According to the Financial Freedom online calculators, at my current earning/saving/expense rate, I could be financially independent in twelve years.

Four Stories on Living in, Loving, and Leaving the Bay Area

I’m less interested in why people are leaving San Francisco (the reasons are obvious) and more interested in why other cities aren’t eager to welcome them.

Getting Clear on Clearance

It better be a big deal.

Checking In With My Net Worth and Monthly Spending: February 2019

According to YNAB, my total net worth has increased by $5,538.47, or 6.8%, since I started using the budgeting tool in November.

Monday Check-In

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to check in with our weekend spending.

The Cost of Repurposing a Garden

Here’s a breakdown of everything I’ve spent in landscaping, excluding plants.

What I’ve Been Doing While Trying Not to Spend Money

I have a very clean closet right now with a very tidy bathroom to match it.

A Friday Chat With My Student Loan Debt

A special Friday Chat from Steph Westendorf!

Friday Estimate

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to estimate our weekend spending.

Four Stories on the Cost of Travel

Travel is more expensive than ever — but does it have to be?

A History of My Healthcare Costs

I mention to a friend that I was dropped by Kaiser. She looks at me and says “What are you doing for insurance?”

Three Stories on the Way We Buy (or Rent) Things

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never left a piece of Ikea furniture in good enough condition to be refurbished.

Do 1 Thing That Is More Taxing Than You Realized

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

The First (and Second, and Third) Time I Felt in Control of My Money

I can point to three points in my life when I felt more in control of my money than before.

Throwback Thursday: Mr. Biscuit’s Rotten Summer

Mr. Biscuit is my best friend.

Ask Nicole: What Are Some Secure Money Management Options?

Nobody wants to get their data stolen.

Question Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to decide which financial question we’ll ask this week.

John Thornton Jr. on the Formative Nature of Debt

We had a Billfolder request to discuss the following longread — and it is a very long but worthwhile read — about the way debt reshapes our lives.