If You’re Planning on Eating at the Cheesecake Factory, Do the Math on the Suggested Tip

Allegedly, the restaurant has been printing receipts encouraging split-check customers to leave tip percentages based on the entire group’s bill.

How Characters in The Decemberists’ Album ‘Picaresque’ Do Money

Because you asked. Here we go.

What It’s Like to Apartment-Hunt With a Boyfriend Who Has No Credit Score

Sure enough, a few days later the agent who was processing our application sent us a puzzled email: how could a gainfully employed 27-year-old possibly be missing from every single credit database?

Share Your Success Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time to share our recent financial successes.

What’s Your Financial Goal for This Week?

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to set a financial goal for the week.

The Moment When You Realize You Don’t Know What the Organizations You’ve Been Funding Actually Do

I understand, on an intellectual level, the importance of ensuring free speech for all. But, on an emotional level, I am not ready to get behind this particular free speech activity.

Debt Free by the Big Day

I wanted to pay off all my credit card debt by our wedding day.

The Stock Market Isn’t Worried About Nuclear War

Ah, investors. The very non-risk-taking individuals whom you want to trust in times like these.

Thoughts From Missoula

I spent most of the weekend unable to check the news or social media.

An Update on My Drinking

In February I told you all about how my decision to stop drinking saved my sanity and my money. Now I’m back with an update on my endeavor, which hasn’t been as successful as I’d hoped.

Monday Check-In

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to check in on our weekend spending.

A Friday Chat About Venmo, PayPal, and Square

Featuring Billfolder Laura Chanoux!

My Boyfriend Makes 5x My Salary: How the Fun Budget Saved Our Relationship

I finally plucked up the courage to have a Conversation About Money. I appreciated the invites and loved spending time together, I told him, but this lifestyle was out of my price range.

What Do Index Funds Have to Do With the Cost of Air Travel?

Is your favorite low-cost index fund making airfare more expensive?

Local Blogger Is Human

I know I brag about planning my meals so I don’t need to eat takeout the night before a trip, but…

Dear Businesslady: How Do I Switch Careers?

Advice on making the most of your experience while job-searching in a new field.

Friday Estimate

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to estimate our weekend spending.

The Time Lyft Charged Its Employees to Park in a Free Lot

Instead of charging by the hour or by the day, Lyft charged employees $200 per spot per month.

We Are Still Here: A Story of Love and Recession

I saw the same warning signs as everybody else. I remember standing in my mom’s living room watching CNN as the oil prices started climbing higher and higher while the stock market started tanking.

On the Beach: A Billfold Book Review

Capitalism, cockroaches, and love are the only things that survive nuclear war.

Two More Longreads About What It Takes to Get a Good Job These Days

Why even go to the job fair? Why waste time and money printing paper resumes that these employers don’t want?

Weird Money-Saving Tricks That Actually Helped Me Last Month

Losing the debit card for your only bank account and not having a credit card to back you up really tightens the ol’ belt!

Do 1 Thing That Really Should Be Available Through an Online Form

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

Guess Who Has All the Money? (You Already Know the Answer.)

The rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer, and now we have a hockey-stick-shaped chart to prove it.

The Five Money Questions We Answered Before We Got Married

When my partner and I decided to get married, we didn’t ask our parents for a blessing or go see a spiritual adviser—we went to see a financial adviser.