5 Things I Learned as a Door-to-Door Salesperson

The experience was surreal and taught me a lot about the world, in the way that only personal experience in a difficult task can.

Trapping Grouse for Science and Money

“Amble like a cow!” Brian the PhD candidate called from across the ridge.

I Was a Haunted House Zombie Girl

I was no longer the girl who was always scared; instead, I was the girl who could scare.

Read This Before Your Next Job Interview

Ask a Manager just posted a complete guide to job interviewing.

Read Fast Company’s Labor Day Series on “Why Work Has Failed Us”

In honor of Labor Day Week.

Throwback Thursday: Confessions of a Wedding Singer

When I first joined the band, I was a little embarrassed telling people about my new gig.

On Art and Employment

The next installment in Carolita Johnson’s “A Woman’s Work” series is up at Longreads.

How to Get a Corporate Job

It’s not hard to get a job at a major company’s corporate headquarters, especially if you treat it like a goal.

Quit Your Job

Our careers depend on it!

On Delivering for Amazon Flex

Today’s must-read essay comes from Alana Semuels, at The Atlantic.

I Deliberately Took a Lower-Paying Job. Here’s How It’s Working Out.

I knew I was going to resign; it was merely a matter of when and how.

I Was a Princess for My First Job

Not many people get appointed to royalty as their first job, but that’s exactly what happened to me.

I Saved $40,000 in Two Blue Collar Years

I would work and save for two years, from the end of April 2015 to the beginning of May 2017. The goal was to save at least $40,000 dollars, which I would then use to start a business.

They Paid Me for Being Liked

I was named Starbucks’ Partner of the Quarter.

I Quit Halfway Through Training at a Debt Collection Agency, and I Don’t Regret It

The company seemed to be doing everything it could to help you forget what your job was.

My Nine Months as an Uber Customer Service Rep

What I remember most are the funny stories from disgruntled riders.

Shit Work

I have a theory that the easiest litmus test for privilege is how much contact someone’s had with poop that isn’t their own.

The Weekend I Spent as the Worst Booth Babe Ever

It took me a few minutes to find the man I was working for, and as soon as he saw me I knew that I was a disappointment.