Read This Before Your Next Job Interview

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

I know some of you have requested more posts on “how to change careers/find a better job,” so I wanted to share Ask a Manager Alison Green’s How to Prepare for an Interview: The Ultimate Guide.

Here’s an excerpt:

Once you have your list of the questions you think you’re likely to be asked, figure out how you’ll answer each of them. And I don’t mean just get a vague idea or some bullet points you want to hit. I mean come up with your complete answer to each and practice saying those answers out loud. You might feel ridiculous doing that, but there’s something about this process that lodges those answers in your brain in a way that will make them much more easily retrievable when you’re sitting in the interview.

Green’s advice covers everything from “what to look for when you’re studying the employer’s website” to “how to deal with the question you’re hoping they won’t ask” — so read, discuss, and share your own job interview tips in the comments.

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