Billfold Book Review: Financial Freedom

This book was exactly the book I needed to read right now.

Billfold Book Review: Personal Finance for Dummies and The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women

I got two books in the mail to review this month!

“A Sumptuous Feast Frozen Solid”: What Lisa Brennan-Jobs’s Memoir Tells Us About Money

It’s one of the few well-observed stories we have about Big Money and how it affects the lives of people close to it.

Billfold Book Review: It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work

I read this book twice, because it’s that good.

Which Financial Fairy Tales Cover Do You Like Best?

I spent most of yesterday’s quasi-holiday getting Financial Fairy Tales to the final-draft stage, which means it’s time to start BOOK PRODUCTION.

Unmooring in a Safe Harbor: What Tana French’s Mystery Novels Tell Us About Money

What do you do when your financial anxiety starts scratching at the door?

Billfold Book Review: The Power of Zero

Most people don’t think about how much they’ll pay in taxes when they retire — and David McKnight wants you to know that there’s a way to pay zero taxes in retirement, if you do the math correctly.

Observing The Game “For the Experience”

My night at a Neil Strauss book signing.

Get Your Money Together: A Billfold Book Review

Consider this book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Squeezed: A Billfold Book Review

Thanks to all of you who recommended I read Alissa Quart’s new book.

Talking to Alison Green About the New “Ask a Manager” Book

Happy publication day, Ask a Manager!

Talking to Vicki Robin About the New Edition of ‘Your Money or Your Life’

The very first thing I did was gush about how much her book had changed my life.

The Unsettlers: A Billfold Book Review

I read Mark Sundeen’s The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today’s America specifically because Riverhead Books did a 2018 Book Horoscope post and listed it as a good pick for Scorpios.

S Is for Self-Sufficiency: What Sue Grafton’s Mystery Novels Tell Us About Money

Kinsey Millhone cuts her own hair, uses coupons, and wears the same black dress over and over.

Kids These Days: A Billfold Book Review

Let’s take a look at Malcolm Harris’s Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials.

Uneasy Street: A Billfold Book Review

How the 5 percent think.

On the Beach: A Billfold Book Review

Capitalism, cockroaches, and love are the only things that survive nuclear war.

How Wizards Do Money

‘The Value of Debt in Building Wealth’ Could Change Your Financial Life

It’s exactly the book I need to be reading right now.

What Children’s Literature Teaches Us About Money: Maud Hart Lovelace’s ‘Betsy’s Wedding’

What happens when life doesn’t go as planned.

What Children’s Literature Teaches Us About Money: Betty Smith’s ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’

We get the realistic and the fantasy ending, both in the same book.

Thoughts on Matthew Desmond’s ‘Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City’

Tenants get evicted both when they fall behind on their rent and when they ask for their rights.

A Conversation With Craig Lambert, Author of ‘Shadow Work’