Which Financial Fairy Tales Cover Do You Like Best?

I spent most of yesterday’s quasi-holiday getting Financial Fairy Tales to the final-draft stage, which means it’s time to start BOOK PRODUCTION.

It also means that I have some questions for you.

First: which cover do you like best? These are all covers that I created using Canva’s free templates and design elements (I’m hoping that future Billfold books will feature original art, but since one of the goals of this book is to earn money to produce the next book, I’m going with free art this time), and each of them has a slightly different feel. I have my favorite, and I’m curious if it matches yours.

Second: which book formats do you prefer? Should I go ahead and make FFT available in EVERY FORMAT, or are you not that interested in, for example, Google Play? Here are your options:

  • Kindle ebook
  • Nook ebook
  • Kobo ebook
  • iBooks ebook
  • Google Play ebook
  • Paperback book
  • Hardcover book
  • Audiobook (narrated by me, of course)

Of these options, Nook/Kobo/iBooks/Google Play don’t require a lot of extra work, since I can upload the same epub file to all four sites (and it takes literally five minutes to create an epub through Apple Pages). I’m doing Kindle because of course I am, and I’m also going to make sure there’s a print copy — I have a slight preference for paperback over hardcover because it’ll cost you less money and earn The Billfold the same profit margin per copy. (This is why paperbacks tend to cost around $15–$19 and hardcovers closer to $30; hardcovers cost more to produce, so you have to price them higher to earn the same profit.)

The audiobook wasn’t something I was seriously considering until I got my new MacBook and the newest version of GarageBand and discovered that I could create profesh-quality audio without having to do any additional work on my end (compressing, normalizing, etc.). But I launched the newest season of the Writing & Money podcast last week, and the audio sounded so good that I asked myself: how long would it take to read Financial Fairy Tales aloud?

I realize I am making the argument that I should release this book in EVERY SINGLE FORMAT, so I’ll step aside and let you argue for ONLY THE FORMATS YOU WANT.

Also, let me know which cover you like best.

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