How Much Did You Pay for Breakfast Today?

Was it more or less than Warren Buffett?

What Else Do You Do?

Every server I know hates this question.

The Cost of Trying New Vegetables

Or, money I wasted trying to be healthier.

The Cost of Drinking Huel for Breakfast and Lunch

Yes, I recently boarded the Huel Train.

My Career in Food

How I went from busser to baker (plus every other food-related job in between).

A Friday Chat About Brunch

Featuring Billfolder time.turner!

How Low Can the Grocery Prices Go?

Target just slashed prices to compete with Amazon.

All New York City Public School Students Get Free Lunch

So do all Houston Independent School District students.

Starbucks Raised the Price on the PSL

And several other menu items.

No More Juicero

How will we juice our fruits and vegetables now?

Yes, Amazon Whole Foods Groceries Are Cheaper

The New York Times checked—and I’m going to check too.

Amazon Whole Foods Starts Today

And the prices are supposed to be… lower?

Festival Time

A long-awaited trip to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

This Week in Pods

Yes, we have frozen yogurt pods now.

School Tells Parents That Their Kids Can Cut the Lunch Line for $100

A school in Polk County, Florida recently sent orientation packets to parents that included a “special offer:” make a $100 donation to the Parent-Teacher-Student-Alliance and your kid will get to cut the lunch line!

If You’re Planning on Eating at the Cheesecake Factory, Do the Math on the Suggested Tip

Allegedly, the restaurant has been printing receipts encouraging split-check customers to leave tip percentages based on the entire group’s bill.

Local Blogger Is Human

I know I brag about planning my meals so I don’t need to eat takeout the night before a trip, but…

What Women Want: A Tote That Can Hold a Packed Lunch

I want a tote bag that looks nice and professional, and I want to bring my lunch to work. I need these two options to co-exist, and I’m finding more and more that they don’t.

Is MealPal a Real Pal?

It’s been documented that I enjoy a good gift card. So when a friend sent me a MealPal referral link that would give me a $50 gift card if I signed up for one month, I decided to give it a try.

Do You Tip on a Donut?

This Is What Meal Planning Looks Like

I have been planning this empty refrigerator for WEEKS.

Middle Class Snack Kids