Throwback Thursday: Which Halloween Candy Is the Most Expensive?

Photo credit: Sean Freese, CC BY 2.0.

This piece originally ran on October 31, 2014. View old comments via the Wayback Machine.

I took my information from Target and Walmart; prices at other stores may vary.

Tootsie Child’s Play Candy Assortment, aka “stop pretending Tootsie Rolls are chocolate, you aren’t fooling anybody:” $8.98 for an unstated number of candies, or 15 cents per ounce.

Hershey’s Halloween Snack Size Candy Assortment, aka “this name implies there will be chocolate in this bag but it’s all Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers:” $8.98 for 140 candies, or 6 cents per candy, or 16 cents per ounce.

Wonka Mixups Assorted Candy, aka “sugar powder molded into different shapes:” $9.79 for an unstated number of candies, or 20 cents per ounce.

Mars Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Variety Pack, aka “the good stuff,” $14.02 for 178 candies, or 8 cents per candy, or 20 cents per ounce.

Life Savers Fun Size Spooky Shapes Gummies Candy, aka “the candy you leave in the bottom of the bag for your parents to eat,” $1.98 for 10 candies, or 20 cents per candy, or 25 cents per ounce.

Nestle Assorted Miniature Chocolate Bars, aka “pick out all the Butterfingers for yourself first:” $10.79 for an unstated number of candies, or 27 cents per ounce.

Goldfish Halloween Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers, aka “sad candy substitute:” $4.96 for 25 packs, or 20 cents per pack, or 50 cents per ounce

Sun-Maid Halloween Themed Vanilla Yogurt Raisins, aka “sad candy substitute that is still technically wrapping raisins in candy so just go ahead and give kids candy already:” $3.19 for 10 boxes, or 32 cents per box, or 64 cents per ounce.

Lindt Hello My Name Is Caramel Brownie Candy, aka “candy for people who don’t want the 99 percent to show up at their doors:” $3.99 for 14 individually-wrapped candies, or 29 cents per candy, or 81 cents per ounce.

So… what did you buy, and how much did you pay for it?

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