How a Freelancer in the Entertainment Industry Does Money

Rosalynn (not her real name) is 27, and is freelancing in entertainment in Los Angeles.

How an Executive at a Technology Company in His Fifties Does Money

I make more than $500K annually, but less than $700K.

How a Content Specialist Paying Off Student Loans and Credit Card Debt Does Money

Mac (not her real name) is a 31-year-old Content Specialist living in Austin.

How a Set Lighting Technician Does Money

Cecilia (not her real name), is a 26-year-old set lighting technician in Atlanta.

How a Newly-Minted Philosophy PhD Does Money

Katrina (not her real name) is 29 and just defended her dissertation for a PhD in philosophy. 

How a Medical Student Does Money

Katherine (not her real name) is a 24-year-old medical student on the West Coast.

How a Military Mom with Twins on the Way Does Money

Liz (not her real name) is a 30-year-old mother of two (5 and 7) whose spouse is in the Navy.

How a Professor in the Southeastern U.S. Does Money

Robyn (not her real name) is a 32-year-old professor in the southeastern United States.

How a Partner at a Law Firm in the Midwest Does Money

Jenna (not her real name) is a 33-year-old estate planning attorney in a small Midwestern town.

How a Credit Union Branch Manager With an Adorable Dog Does Money

Devon (not her real name) is a 32-year-old credit union branch manager in Portland. She did a previous Doing Money interview, “How a Bank Manager With Three Roommates Does Money,” in 2015.

How a Woman Who Describes Herself as a “Terrible Entitled Tech Worker” Does Money

Phryne (not her real name) is an early-30s business analyst in San Francisco.

How a Librarian and Dorm Parent in San Antonio Does Money

Laurel (not her real name) is a 33-year-old librarian/dorm parent in San Antonio.

How Would You Ideally Do Money?

I think this is a great question and I also think it is very hard to answer.

How a Government Attorney Who Loves Travel Hacking Does Money

Samantha (not her real name) is a 33-year-old government attorney in Tucson.

How a Public Sector Operations Manager in NYC Does Money

Gerald (not his real name) is a 31-year-old public sector operations manager in NYC.

How a Canadian Event Manager Does Money

Sharon (not her real name) is a 35-year-old event manager living in a Canadian city.

How a Fundraiser in Boston Does Money

Daniela (not her real name) is 31 years old and is working in fundraising and donor relations in Boston.

How a Business Analyst in NYC Does Money

Tora (not her real name) is a 30-year-old business analyst in New York City.

How an Animation Line Producer in Tokyo Does Money

Sarah is a 32-year-old line producer at a CG animation studio in Tokyo.

How a Software Architect in Somerville Does Money

Stewart (not his real name) is a 35-year-old software architect in Somerville, Massachusetts. 

How a Public Service Employee in a Major Canadian City Does Money

Kassidy (not her real name) is a public service employee and former lawyer in her early 30s in a big city in Canada.

How a Program Manager in Seattle Does Money

Deedee (not her real name) is a 30-year-old Program Manager in Seattle.

How a Communications Specialist in Arlington Does Money

Meg (not her real name) is a 25-year-old communications specialist in Arlington, Virginia.

How a Grants and Contracts Manager With a Master Life Spreadsheet Does Money

Meg (not her real name) is a 33-year-old international grants and contracts manager in the Triangle, North Carolina area.

How a Lawyer at a Non-Profit in Toronto Does Money

Em (not her real name) is a 33-year-old lawyer working at a non-profit in Toronto.