Would You Like to Be Part of Our Doing Money Series?

The Billfold is looking for more Doing Money volunteers!

If you aren’t familiar with our Doing Money series, we like to interview people and ask them what they earn, where their money goes, how they decide what to save/spend, and if they have any financial goals for the future.

The interviews take about an hour to complete and are conducted over Google Chat, although I’ve done other types of interviews on request (sending questions over email, typing in a shared Google Doc, even phone/Skype). Most of our Doing Money interviewees prefer to remain anonymous, though I will ask how old you are and what region of the world/size of city you live in, if you don’t want to share your location.

If you’d like to volunteer to chat about how you Do Money, please email nicole@thebillfold.com. Nearly everyone I interview tells me that the process is a lot of fun, and sometimes it helps people see their finances in an entirely different way.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash.

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