When Your Clothing Has to Represent the Brand

I worked at the clothing store Express for the summers of 2007, 2008, and 2009.

A Friday Chat About Spending a Few Months in Southeast Asia

Featuring Billfolder Laura Chanoux!

The Unexpected Costs of Leaving

I had planned for the cost of renting a moving van and so on, but the “goodbye Ann Arbor” expenses added up quickly.

Tea and Snowstorms

When gift-giving doesn’t go as expected.

Dinners Out and Out of the Ordinary

I worry that if I don’t have a reason to celebrate, having a fancy night out will start to feel mundane.

On Joint Accounts and Cappuccinos

When you share a bank account, how do you treat each other?

A Friday Chat About Venmo, PayPal, and Square

Featuring Billfolder Laura Chanoux!

Kitchen Tables and Placeholder Furniture

The Cost of Saying Goodbye

In a college town, spring is Goodbye Season.

My Wish List, and the Likelihood That I’ll Buy the Items on It

Travel Turbulence

Solving the Holiday Time-Cost-Vacation Puzzle

On Hope and Decorations

The Holiday Time/Vacation/Cost Puzzle

The Cost of Making New Friends

Shopping My Way to Belonging: The Cost of Fitting In

I knew that moving to Ann Arbor from Chicago would be difficult, but I hadn’t anticipated that ordering a beer would be so hard.

The Job That Taught Me How To Be An Adult

Cutting Back In Tiny, Tiny Ways

The Cost Of Things: Missing Your Night-Bus In Peru

Location, Location, Location: Where To Move When You Could Go Anywhere

Meeting The Me That Could Have Been

The Cost of Stress Baking

Remembrance of College Interviews Past

Around the World on $80 a Day