Another Update on My Investing Project

Here’s where I am with all of my current investment vehicles.

An Update on My Investing Project

Time to figure out how to AVOID FEES.

Opening Investment Accounts After Freezing Your Credit Reports Is a Huge Pain

I should have unfrozen everything first.

The Dow Is at Its Highest Ever (Again)

It just passed 25,000 points.

Let’s Get Excited About Investing

So I told you I’d tell you about my NEW 2018 BUDGET, and how it includes PERSONAL NON-RETIREMENT INVESTING.

I Thought I Wanted to Form an Investment Club. (I Don’t.)

I run with friends, I hike with friends, and I only like to cook when there are other people helping in the kitchen. An investment club would be the same thing, right?

Anyone Going to the Vanguard Funds Annual Shareholder Meeting?

Or… voting by proxy?

“You Don’t Have to Invest the Money”

Another expert argues for cash liquidity… so you can use your cash to take risks that might out-earn the market.

Socially Responsible Investing: A Conversation With a Financial Adviser

Socially responsible investments are out there if you do your research.

Are Stocks Too Expensive to Be Valuable?

Once again, investment experts are suggesting to put more money in cash.

Index Funds Outperform Actively Managed Funds

The WSJ has a new report with a not-too-surprising conclusion.