The Cost of Removing a Migrated IUD

There the IUD was, floating free and easy as a butterfly in my abdominal cavity — and most DEFINITELY not safely ensconced in my uterus, protecting me from pregnancy as advertised.

The Cost of a Bipolar 1 Diagnosis

It was during Thanksgiving break of what was supposed to be my final semester of college.

A History of My Healthcare Costs

I mention to a friend that I was dropped by Kaiser. She looks at me and says “What are you doing for insurance?”

My DNA Indicated I Was at Risk for Breast Cancer. Here’s How I Took Control.

Your genetics are not a life sentence; they are your call to action.

Til Colonoscopy Do Us Part

When my husband asked me to marry him, on his knees in the Rubin Museum, I said “Yes, on one condition. Get a colonoscopy. Like, before our wedding.”

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Plan

How to qualify for a subsidy, how to compare plans, and what to do if you need additional options.

Buying Safe Passage at the Rendezvous Café

A hospital is a strange land, but if you respect their customs, perhaps your husband will make it out — of course he will come out alive.

Figuring Out My ACA Health Insurance: More Thoughts on SEP IRAs and Subsidies

I did my Open Enrollment! Get yours done before Dec. 15!

Figuring Out My ACA Health Insurance: HSAs, IRAs, Subsidies, and AGIs

Part one of many.

Is Your ACA Premium Going Down This Year?

Mine is! But I’m also losing out-of-network coverage.

How to Find — and Pay For — a Therapist

As a therapist I make a point of acknowledging in every first session the effort the client put into getting into therapy in the first place.

The Cost of Chronic Back Pain

The first time I tried physical therapy, I paid $10 a session as therapists treated the wrong part of my back.

The Cost of Anxiety When Your Dad Has Cancer

It goes without saying that the last seven months have been extremely stressful for my dad, myself, and my entire family.

Poverty, From a Paramedic’s Perspective

Here’s another essay that’ll stick with you: Elizabeth Rosen’s “A Real Emergency,” at Hazlitt.

“I Cannot Imagine Not Having This Option”: When Birth Control Is Your Medicine

Many people rely on birth control to keep health conditions in check.

Single People Need to Make Sure Loved Ones Can Access Their Finances, Too

In case of emergency.

Confirming My Affordable Care Act Subsidy Eligibility

This is the other thing I got done today.

When Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Think It Was an Emergency

Some insurers are charging people for “non-emergency” ER visits — or denying claims in full.

Paying for My Wisdom Tooth Extraction with an HSA

Healthcare is expensive, but the HSA made it feel “free.”

I Got My Health Insurance Subsidy

I went back to and updated my income information.

If You Changed Affordable Care Act Insurance Providers, Make Sure Your Former Provider Knows

My former Washington State insurance provider sent me a bill and an insurance card.

My Bronze Health Insurance Premiums Will Cost $6,967.20 in 2018

That’s $580.60 per month.

Let’s Discuss President Trump’s Healthcare Executive Order

What if we created our own association health plan? Like, the best plan ever?

Nursing Home Costs Are Higher Than Ever

A private room now costs around $8,000 per month.

It’s Time to Figure Out How Much Health Insurance Will Cost Next Year

My monthly premium will go up by $102.86.