Confirming My Affordable Care Act Subsidy Eligibility

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash.

I filed my taxes last week, which means it’s time to report my 2017 income to the Department of Health and Human Services and confirm my eligibility for the Affordable Care Act subsidy I claimed this year.

DHHS wants my modified adjusted gross income to be less than $48,240, and as you might remember from my tax roundup, my 2017 adjusted gross income was $41,580 and my taxable income after deductions/exemptions was $31,180. So I’m pretty sure they’ll continue to approve my subsidy.

The income verification process is really easy; all I had to do was upload a copy of my 2017 tax return to (They also let you mail a copy of your tax return, but prefer online submissions.) Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation screen to let you know that your upload was successful, and just to confirm there was no confirmation screen, I uploaded my 2017 return twice. I mean, I hope I did.

Now all I have to do is wait to hear back from DHHS and avoid the urge to submit my tax return a third time.

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