Summer Pledge Drive: Time to Pledge Drive Off Into the Sunset

Photo by calvin chou on Unsplash.

It’s the final day of our Summer Pledge Drive, although — as some of you have already pointed out — those Patreon and PayPal links will still work, should you like to contribute in the future.

Here’s our thermometer update:

Right now, we’ve earned enough money to fund 15 stories (after taxes and operating costs), so let’s see if we can get a few more stories funded before the pledge drive is officially over.

As we head into the weekend, enjoy one more classic Billfold post from the archives: The Weekend I Spent as the Worst Booth Babe Ever. There’ll be more classic posts in the future, thanks to Billfolder RandomThoughts’ brilliant Throwback Thursday idea — which is just one more way in which this pledge drive has been a success.

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