In Which Lillian Karabaic and I Discuss Money and Control on the Oh My Dollar! Podcast

We recently ran a few Billfold stories on the theme “when I first felt like I had control over my money,” and this week, Lillian Karabaic and I discussed these stories — and shared our own — on the Oh My Dollar! podcast:

If you’d like to read the stories we reference in the podcast, here they are:

How Two Budgeting Choices Gave Me Control Over My Money by Alexandra Elzein
The First (and Second, and Third) Time I Felt in Control of My Money by Laura Marie

You can also discuss this episode on the brand-new Oh My Dollar! forum, so check it out!

I’ll be having more podcast conversations with Lillian in the future, so make sure you subscribe to the Oh My Dollar! podcast — next up, we’ll be discussing ramen noodles.

Photo by Michael Sum on Unsplash.

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