We Should Probably Discuss the Texas Thing

Texas just passed a bill requiring people to buy supplementary health insurance if they want abortion services to be included in their coverage.

The Cost of Hearing Aids, Part Three: Broke For the Summer

Welcome to part three of my series about buying new hearing aids in 2017, five years after purchasing my last pair (that cost literally thousands of dollars).

The Cost of Being Diagnosed With (and Getting Treated for) Migraines

Like many people who present at urgent care clutching their foreheads and complaining of inexplicably glittery vision, I have headaches. Really bad ones.

More Political Decisions That Affect Our Ability to Earn and Save Money

Healthcare, overtime pay, and the ban on transgender people in the military.

So Here’s Where We Are With Healthcare

Since that’s the only thing anyone’s talking about right now.

Ugly Crying Over Money in 2017

Who Wants to Discuss the Health Care Bill Revisions?

More Health Insurance “News,” if “Everyone Is Anxious and Uncertain” Counts as News

Three More Perspectives on Health Insurance

I Want to Love My ACA Health Insurance but It’s so Frustrating