Do 1 Thing Before the Quarterly Tax Deadline

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

I Got My Health Insurance Subsidy

I went back to and updated my income information.

Every Answer My CPA Gave Me

I do not need a business license to be a freelance writer in Iowa.

Every Question I Plan to Ask My CPA Tomorrow

I hope he doesn’t hate me.

Get Ready for People to Tell You How to Spend Your Tax Savings

Even though none of us have any tax savings yet.

Well, the Tax Bill Passed

Now we just have to wait for President Trump to sign it into law.

What Do We Think of the Final Draft of the Tax Bill?

The House just voted to pass the final draft of the tax bill, and the Senate is scheduled to vote later today, so… I’m curious what you all think of it.

In Which I Learn That My HSA and IRA Might Count Towards ACA Subsidy Eligibility

This means all those charts I made last week are wrong.

In Which I Run Several Possible Financial Scenarios, Including One Where I Qualify for a Health Insurance Subsidy

This post includes FIVE CHARTS.

Where Are We With This Tax Bill?

The Senate passed their bill this weekend, and now it’s time to draft the final version.