On Bitcoin, Yachts, and Taxes

Did you know you could use yachts to avoid taxes?

“A Sumptuous Feast Frozen Solid”: What Lisa Brennan-Jobs’s Memoir Tells Us About Money

It’s one of the few well-observed stories we have about Big Money and how it affects the lives of people close to it.

Wealth, Debt, Unions, and Festivals

It’s the Tuesday news roundup!

Student Loans, Pensions, and Rich People

Three short articles to read and discuss.

A Facebook Open Thread

I don’t know how closely you follow Facebook news, but Mark Zuckerberg recently went from being the third-richest person in the world to the sixth.

A Great Recession Open Thread

And yes, we’re going to discuss that report on Millennials and the recession.

Talking to Vicki Robin About the New Edition of ‘Your Money or Your Life’

The very first thing I did was gush about how much her book had changed my life.

New Hampshire Woman Sues Lottery Commission for the Right to Remain Anonymous

This is the type of lawsuit that could change the way states deal with lottery winners.

The Guggenheim Offers the White House a Used Gold Toilet

I will always share stories about solid gold toilets.

Bitcoin Uses A LOT of Energy

As much as nine houses. Per transaction.