We Have Just Over a Million New Millionaires

Thanks to stock market growth.

Three Stories About Wealth

It is interesting that the Washington Post calls $180,000 “upper middle class” and the New York Times calls $200,000 “wealthy.”

3 of the 5 Ways to Become a Millionaire

As observed from the airport boarding line.

What Does Wealth Mean to Me?

I have no idea.

Why Rich People Hide Price Tags

Today’s must-read longread is an essay by Rachel Sherman: “What the Rich Won’t Tell You.”

How Do We Become Rich, Anyway?

We start by lying about our weekends.

“You Don’t Have to Invest the Money”

Another expert argues for cash liquidity… so you can use your cash to take risks that might out-earn the market.

Even Those of Us Who Think We’re Saving Enough for Retirement Aren’t Saving Enough

Because life gets in the way.

The More Money You Make, the More Likely You Are to Contribute to Global Climate Change

What Do Rich People Read Online?