Financial Fairy Tales: The Instant Pot

There once was a single mother with a young daughter.

Financial Fairy Tales: The YouTuber Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

“I’m not afraid,” Hans said. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

Financial Fairy Tales: The Fisherman and His Wife

“Please don’t put me on Facebook,” the fish said. “I will give you whatever you ask for.”

How the Wonka Kids Do Money: Charlie Bucket

For his first two years at the chocolate factory, Charlie followed Wonka’s orders.

How the Wonka Kids Do Money: Augustus Gloop

I began my life as a food hoarder, reaching out to grab every best bite for myself.

How the Wonka Kids Do Money: Veruca Salt

Veruca knew she was the one who got off easy.

How the Wonka Kids Do Money: Violet Beauregarde

The thing was, she’d never been a chocolate person.

How the Wonka Kids Do Money: Mike Teavee

He got the basketball thing a lot, at first, until he started walking with a cane.

Financial Fairy Tales: Frugal and the Beast

There once was a merchant with three beautiful daughters.

Meredith Practices

A chapter from my forthcoming novel, because it’s relevant to this month’s theme.