Quit Your Job

Our careers depend on it!

Dress for the Job You Have

This purchase would mark my transition from the casual wardrobes of grad school and summer camp into the sobering reality of the modern American office workplace.

We Have to Discuss This Clarinet Story

As soon as I saw it, I thought “we have to talk about this on The Billfold.”

Three Times I Successfully Negotiated My Salary

I took a deep breath and said, “I was hoping for more, based on my research on the typical range for this position.”

The Cost of Cutting Back on Meat

Vegetable-based meals aren’t necessarily cheaper.

How Five Bánh Mì Sandwiches Helped Me Pass the Bar

The takeout order marked the end of my marriage and the start of my new career.

Want a New Job? Do This Seven-Day Prep First

After taking a week to do a comprehensive analysis of my previous jobs and accomplishments, I can knock out a custom resume for any position that interests me in 30 minutes or less.

How I Became Successful by Not Following My Passion

I decided to work on making a lot of money now, so I could buy myself the freedom to do what I wanted later.

When You Used to Have a Career — But Now You Don’t

I didn’t change careers by choice.

Every Job Has a Shelf Life

Don’t make the mistake of staying too long.