Call for Pitches: No Degree, Healthcare, and Funny Money

We pay $50 per piece now, YAY!!!!!!

Call for Pitches: HOLIDAYS and RESOLUTIONS

It’s that time of year… and it’s time for another call for pitches.

Call for Pitches: Funny Money

It’s time for another call for pitches, and this time the theme is FUNNY MONEY.

Call for Pitches: Spooky Money Stories

It’s pitchin’ time!

Call for Pitches: Financial Struggles

It’s time for our monthly call for pitches, and this month, I’m looking for stories about financial struggles.

Call for Pitches: Experiences

Hobby spending, entertainment spending, vacation spending, etc.

Call for Pitches: Doing Money Interviews

When we last discussed how to expand our Doing Money series, you suggested inviting writers to interview people whom they thought would be interesting Doing Money subjects.

Call for Pitches: Clothing

It’s time for another call for pitches, and — by Billfolder request — our next theme is CLOTHING.

Call for Pitches: Food

It’s time for another Billfold call for pitches — and this time, the theme is FOOD.

Call for Pitches: Career Change

It’s time for another Call for Pitches! By reader request, this next series will be about career change.