Call for Pitches: Doing Money Interviews

Photo credit: Patrick Breitenbach, CC BY 2.0.

When we last discussed how to expand our Doing Money series, you suggested inviting writers to interview people whom they thought would be interesting Doing Money subjects.

I like that idea, so let’s make it an official Call for Pitches.

I’m still going to be running Doing Money interviews with Billfold volunteers — one of them will go live in just a few hours — but if you have a relative or friend who has a Doing Money perspective we don’t usually see on the site, and if that person is willing to do an interview, please pitch

We pay $40 per piece, and although you may ask your interview subjects anything you like, the first question should be about how much they earn and the last question should be “what advice do you have for Billfold readers?”

If you’d like to volunteer to be the subject of a Doing Money interview (and be interviewed by me), you still can! Please email

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