Call for Pitches: Funny Money

It’s time for another call for pitches, and this time the theme is FUNNY MONEY.

This is kind of a broad topic, so I’ll let you interpret it as you will — everything from “the time I almost fell for a Craigslist scam” to “my last 20 Venmos, arranged by how annoyed I was to receive the request” would be appropriate. Think old-school Billfold. Pitch me a list of which Muppets are most likely to default on their student loans.

Please turn in your pitches by Tuesday, October 23. If your pitch is accepted, I’ll need a complete draft by Friday, November 9. In general I ask for Billfold pieces to be around 1,000-1,200 words; in this case I don’t mind if you go shorter because sometimes those short, punchy pieces are the funniest.

We pay $40 per piece. Send pitches to, leave questions in the comments.

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