Call for Pitches: Clothing

Photo by Jisu Han on Unsplash.

It’s time for another call for pitches, and — by Billfolder request — our next theme is CLOTHING.

This is another super-broad topic, so I’ll clarify that I’m looking for stories about personal experiences with clothing and money (not articles about how other people can save money on clothing). I’m specifically interested in pitches on the following:

  • Working a job that requires a uniform: how many uniforms do you have, how much did you pay for them, and how much work is required to keep them clean and ready-to-go?
  • Working a job that requires you to upgrade your wardrobe as you move up the career ladder
  • Comparing how much you and your partner spend on clothing/shoes/grooming/etc.
  • An analysis of how much it costs to outfit your entire family (parents and children) for the year
  • Paying for the privilege of not having to wear clothing (nude beach, nudist camp, etc.)
  • How much you spend on clothes for your pet — also, if you make and sell adorable pet clothing, PLEASE PITCH ME

Send your pitches to, and get ’em in before June 11. We pay $40 per piece and can accept roughly 15 pieces. I look forward to reading your pitches!

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