Call for Pitches: Spooky Money Stories

Photo by Leen on Unsplash.

We’re going to be finishing up our Experience Series this week, and we’ll be running Financial Struggles stories soon — but I’m also interested in collecting a handful of Spooky Money Stories to publish around Halloween.

Did you have an unexplained or paranormal-esque financial encounter? Would you like to tally up the cost of attending every Haunted Hayride in the tri-state area? Do you want to write some short fiction, along the lines of The Cost of Making Witches’ Brew? Pitch me!

We pay $40 per piece. Most Billfold features run around 1,000-1,200 words; you can go longer than that if you want, but please don’t go much shorter. Submit your pitches to by Friday, September 28; if accepted, be prepared to submit your draft by Monday, October 15.

I look forward to reading your pitches! If you have any questions, please leave ’em in the comments.

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