An Open Thread on John Bogle’s Legacy

I didn’t want to put this at the end of this morning’s News Roundup because it didn’t feel right to have a bunch of government shutdown articles and then “oh, by the way, John Bogle died,” but — in case you didn’t already get the news earlier this week — John Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, the index fund, and many of our current investment philosophies, died on Wednesday at the age of 89.

Hamilton Nolan wrote A Salute To John Bogle, A Real Fucking People’s Hero in 2016, but it’s still worth reading today:

Che Guevara looks good in a beret, and Eldridge Cleaver had his moments, but today let us all take a moment to honor Real Motherfucking Hero of the People: John motherfucking Bogle, who has kept hundreds of billions of dollars out of the pockets of Wall Street greedheads.

I know we just read a book that suggests some of those dollars still ended up in the pockets of Wall Street greedheads, but not as many as could have, and that’s what’s important.

The thread’s open — feel free to discuss Bogle, investing, or anything else you like. ❤︎

Photo by Chris Li on Unsplash.

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