My Last $100: Parsley and Pet Toys

I’ve never written for the Billfold before, but I am a big “Last $100” fan.

How to Stock Your First Kitchen

This kitchen setup will enable you to cook a wide variety of foods without breaking the bank.

The Cost of Making My Own Peanut Butter Popcorn

This was such a good idea — thank you for suggesting it!

I Tried Blue Apron and You Can Too

It’s great for meal planning and learning new cooking skills — and we have a special offer for Billfolders.

I Am Ready for Amazon Whole Foods Delivery

Even though I won’t actually be able to use it.

Apparently I’m Ahead of the “Buy All Your Groceries Online” Trend

I just put in my Hy-Vee Aisles Online order for February: 28 dinners, 18 pieces of fruit (to eat at lunch with my Huel), and assorted afternoon snacks.

Leaving Ukrainian Village

This Chicago neighborhood had been our home for over five years — but we couldn’t afford to buy a house there.

Guess Which New Grocery Store Doesn’t Accept Food Stamps?

Here’s a hint: this store doesn’t take credit cards, either.

Should SNAP Benefits Include Pet Food?

When hard times hit, people can apply for food stamps for themselves and their families — but they don’t have an equivalent way of feeding their pets. 

The Success of the Craft Beer Industry

Why craft breweries are thriving and corporate breweries aren’t.