It’s Equal Pay Day!

Good news: the gender pay gap is shrinking!

The Cost of Attending a 100th Birthday Party

Born at home in rural Manitoba, Grandma grew up on a farm, digging Seneca root to earn the money to buy her First Communion dress.

Delivering Love

A local flower store needed 37 delivery drivers for Valentine’s Day. I decided I would be one of them.

The Cost of Moving In Together Over Christmas

When my girlfriend finally got a job in the city, and it finally made sense for her to move out of her parents’ house and in with me, we were both delighted.

Start Your Holiday and Birthday Shopping Now

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you’re done with presents. Here’s how I stay prepared and on budget for every birthday and holiday.

A Tale of Three Birthdays in 10 Years in New York

I have never been the kind of person who insists on celebrating my birthday, though a big part of that stems from the fact that my birthday falls on Christmas.

A Few Updates Before I Take Off for the Holidays

My furniture arrives on Saturday.

What It’s Like to Quit Your Job During the Holidays

I remember the exact moment I decided to quit my job.

Is Anyone Planning on Drafting an “Email Charter” This Holiday Season?

How do you deal with email/Slack/etc. over your holidays or vacations?

The Digital Wish List

Holiday shopping has become about giving people exactly what they ask for.