The Costs of Home, “Home,” and Hawaii for the Holidays

Figuring out what to do about the holidays has become a recurring project over the last few years.

Spider Webs: A Christmas Tradition

My mom read about a Victorian-era Christmas-morning tradition which my parents have since modified somewhat to make more interesting.

How I Convinced My Family to Stop Exchanging Presents (And You Can Too!)

My sister was my first target, and she was the easiest to convince.

Why I’m Giving Virtual Christmas Gifts This Year

I’m broke, so giving physical gifts simply isn’t in the cards. But I can give the gift of a YouTube playlist.

10 Non Career-Related Questions My Relatives are Allowed to Ask Me Over the Holidays

Though I don’t have a serious partner right now, I would much rather talk about my adventures in casual dating than my paperwork-heavy job.

In Which I Figure Out My Christmas “Thing”

Remember how I told you I wanted to share my Christmas celebration with my family?

Love and #YOLO Holiday Spending

The year I bought my boyfriend a 2008 Championship ball signed by the entire KU basketball team — and signed up with Amazon Mechanical Turk to pay for it.

Happy Vanniversary

Fourteen years ago, I got hit by a van and had to fight for my life.

Throwback Thursday: All I Want For Christmas Is What My Parents Got: The Myth of the Merry Middle Class

I don’t know how anybody in my generation celebrates the season without a mountain of credit card debt, or at least considerable buyer’s remorse.

What’s Worse Than Coal? These Christmas Presents

Seven years later and my dad’s present still makes me laugh.