Vision Benefits

I recently got vision benefits through one of my jobs and went to see my eye doctor, who scolded me (rightly), for waiting more than a year to do an eye exam. I was running low on contact lenses and needed to order a new batch — which required a new eye exam.

“You need to wear your glasses more,” the optometrist said. “It’s not good to wear contact lenses so often.”

I refrained from telling her that instead of throwing out my contacts every two weeks and wearing a new pair, I stretched them out over a month to make them last longer (I feel like I am not alone in doing this, but you can correct me).

Thanks to my insurance, my contact lens exam was free, and I had an allowance of $200 to spend on a new order of contact lenses. I have VSP and here’s what my contact lens benefits are:

I promised my eye doctor I wouldn’t wait more than a year to return. I also tried to make a promise to myself not to wear my contact lenses longer than I was supposed to — not if there are eye-eating amoebas around anyway.

Photo: Lenore Edman