This Week in Pods

Technically, in “accessory dwelling units.”

Three Real-Estate Stories

Private islands, flood-damaged homes, and sexy warehouses.

Cleaning College Apartments Made Me Never Want to Rent Again

Why was I worried about mold as a house cleaner, you ask? Because, as it turned out, it would be my job to paint over it.

Do I Want to Be a Homeowner?

Not right now, anyway.

Who Owns All the Affordable Housing?

In some cases, real estate speculators.

Loftium Wants to Help You Make Your Down Payment—If You’re Willing to Be an Airbnb Host for the Next Three Years

Anyone interested in taking Loftium up on this offer? 

Half of Us Are Planning to Move Somewhere Else

It isn’t just people in big coastal cities who plan on moving elsewhere: 85 percent of people in Tallahassee plan on moving, along with 57 percent of people in Raleigh, 76 percent of people in Providence, etc. etc. etc.

What It’s Like to Apartment-Hunt With a Boyfriend Who Has No Credit Score

Sure enough, a few days later the agent who was processing our application sent us a puzzled email: how could a gainfully employed 27-year-old possibly be missing from every single credit database?

We Bought a Street

The reason Lam and Cheng were able to purchase the privately owned street is because the homeowners’ association failed to pay its street taxes for… wait, three decades?

Will Dorm-Style Living Become the Next Hot Housing Trend?

Bunking with other adults might not be just for college students.