Half of Us Are Planning to Move Somewhere Else

Even when you’re trying to stay away from Twitter, tweets still come to you, and this tweet was recently sent my way:

First of all, I love that this Apartment List Dot Com post was at one point under embargo.

Second of all, if you go and read the full report, you learn that it isn’t just people in big coastal cities who plan on moving elsewhere: 85 percent of people in Tallahassee plan on moving, along with 57 percent of people in Raleigh, 76 percent of people in Providence, etc. etc. etc.

There’s a difference between “planning on” and “dreaming about,” of course, and I’m wondering how many of these people surveyed will actually move. Apartment List notes that people in major metro areas want to move somewhere more affordable, and people in more affordable areas want to move somewhere with more job opportunities, which basically comes down to nobody is earning enough money to live where they are, right?

Which has less to do with individual cities than that income distribution chart we looked at last week.

Incidentally, I did that BuzzFeed quiz titled “Spend A Lot of Money on Groceries And We’ll Tell You Where to Move,” and in exchange for information about my shopping preferences BuzzFeed spit out the idea that I should move to Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison doesn’t make Apartment List’s list of cities that people want to leave, but apparently 81 percent of people in nearby Milwaukee want to move somewhere else, due to a combination of rising costs of living and extremely cold winters.

There’s no good place in the U.S. to live right now, is there.

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