“I Cannot Imagine Not Having This Option”: When Birth Control Is Your Medicine

Many people rely on birth control to keep health conditions in check.

The Guggenheim Offers the White House a Used Gold Toilet

I will always share stories about solid gold toilets.

Question Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to reflect on our financial questions.

We Still Don’t Know How Trump’s Inauguration Funding Was Spent

Some of the $107 million was supposed to go to charity.

More of Us Might Become Independent Contractors This Year

This is the flip side of that “we might all get higher wages this year” story.

Is It Normal to Be Filled With Existential Dread?

How can we even plan for 2018 when this year was full of so many uncertainties on so many micro and macro levels?

Congress Needs to Pass a Spending Plan to Prevent a Government Shutdown

They have until midnight on Friday.

What Do We Think of the Final Draft of the Tax Bill?

The House just voted to pass the final draft of the tax bill, and the Senate is scheduled to vote later today, so… I’m curious what you all think of it.

What Does the Trump Administration Want to Do to Tipped Workers?

This is not good.

Where Are We With This Tax Bill?

The Senate passed their bill this weekend, and now it’s time to draft the final version.