We Got Halfway Through Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps

Then we had an actual baby.

The Cost of a Maternity Wardrobe

I can get through my pregnancy with one pair of jeans.

Nearly Everyone Feels Guilty About Spending Money

Last Friday, we looked at why rich people hide price tags. Today, let’s pair Rachel Sherman’s NYT essay with Claire Zulkey’s longread at Racked: “Shopping When Your Partner Works and You Don’t.”

The Various Costs of Toddler Transportation

Not long ago, I wrote about the various costs of toddler entertainment—now I’m going to delve into the wonderful world of toddler transportation devices.

The Various Costs of Toddler Entertainment

Recently, I found a portion of stale fries in the ball pit, along with another kind of ablution that I won’t mention.

The Cost of Taking My Son on His First Overseas Adventure

I Have to Pay Off My First Child Before I Can Have Another

The Father’s Day Meal Deals Seem a Little Better Than the Mother’s Day Meal Deals

At What Age Do Teens Get Their Own Amazon Accounts?

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