News Roundup, Divided By Topic

On food, wages, and healthcare.

Today’s News Roundup Isn’t Entirely Political

I’ve got an Ask a Manager column in there, to balance out all of the government shutdown stories.

Zuckerberg Hospital Doesn’t Want to Be Friends With Local Insurers

Today’s News Roundup will focus on a single story:¬†what’s going on with the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital?

Good Articles about All Kinds of Jobs

I don’t know what it was about the past week, but there were so many good articles and essays about jobs.

News Catchup

And a little news mustard.

A Festive Holiday Smorgasbord of Links

Even though only one of these stories is holiday-related.

Three Stories About the Cost of Publication

Life gets more expensive when local newspapers close.

On Age, Debt, and Cracker Jacks

It’s the Tuesday News Roundup!

You Need to Read This Essay About a Cryptocurrency Cruise

I’m tossing in an extra must-read longread today because this is SO GOOD.

Improving Your Finances, Cutting Your Spending, and Maybe Retiring Someday?

It’s the Tuesday news roundup!