Paying for Touch

I recently paid for my first massage since moving to New York City three years ago.

Should I Let My Parents Subsidize My Life?

It isn’t easy for me to say no—or for them to hear it.

How Nextdoor Saves Me—and My Neighbors—Money

There are a few things that Nextdoor has going for it.

Learning to Accept Money From Others Has Helped Me Heal From Abuse

That night, I received nearly $200 in donations, and had no idea how to react other than to say “thank you” as humbly as I could and purchase my ticket out of town.

Thirty, Dating, and Broke

How do you tell someone that you’ve just started dating that your financial situation is… underwhelming?

Credit Scores Are the New Hotness

Literally, according to a study by Discover and

I Paid Off My Husband’s Student Loans

“You know,” I said casually one day, “it would make more sense for me to pay those off than for you to keep paying 7 percent interest on them.”

I Sent My Ex-Boyfriend Money for Three Years After We Broke Up

He had loaned me $3,986.83, and I wanted to pay it back.

Moving to Brooklyn for Love

The first few years I lived in New York, my friends and I had a joke that I hated going to Brooklyn.

Should I Sell My Grandfather’s Stamp Collection?

How much would it have to be worth before I could give it up?