Yes, I Quit Another Job in the First Two Weeks

This time, it was so much worse.

How a Golden Girls Coloring Book Changed My Life

As a little kid, I loved to color, loved picking out crayons. Yet I could never stay inside the lines.

The Time We Almost Became Travel Hackers

The answer to all my problems came to me during a 3 a.m. feeding: we would become travel hackers.

The Cost of Trying Something New Every Week

I promised myself 52 new experiences.

The Cost of a New Life: Part Three

I found out my house was for sale last month.

My First Suit Was a Thousand-Dollar Mistake

No one else’s pants were cuffed or pleated. My $80 tie was too wide.

My First Stock and How It Grew

When I say stock, I mean exactly that: a single share.

How Not to Save Money by Making Your Own Clothes

If I learned how to sew my own clothes, I would have an endless supply of perfectly fitting garments, for basically free. Right?

The Cost of Canceling Our Wedding

Not the marriage. Just the wedding.

The Economics of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

It started with a simple download, made all too easy on an iPhone.