Two Articles, One Webcomic, and One Podcast About Jobs and Wages

Get out those earbuds.

Three Stories (and One Webcomic) About Jobs and Labor

A restaurant busser, a grocery worker, a group of Amazon delivery drivers, and an office feelings chart.

Read This Before Your Next Job Interview

Ask a Manager just posted a complete guide to job interviewing.

Throwback Thursday: Interview With Someone Who Farted In Front of Her Boss

You farted out loud. HOW LOUD?

Read Fast Company’s Labor Day Series on “Why Work Has Failed Us”

In honor of Labor Day Week.

I Quit My Crappy Job and Traveled

I immediately bought tickets to go to Hawaii with a flexible return date.

Throwback Thursday: My Time on the Assembly Line Working Alongside the Robots That Would Replace Us

Everyone in my immediate family worked in a factory at one time or another; some still do.

Ask Nicole: How Do I Get a Raise and Time Off While Still Working in My Field?

I’m a recent humanities PhD with lots of student loan debt struggling to get my life together.

Throwback Thursday: Confessions of a Wedding Singer

When I first joined the band, I was a little embarrassed telling people about my new gig.

How Prison Inmates Organized a Nationwide Labor Strike

This morning, I learned that prison inmates across the United States were going on strike.