On Art and Employment

The next installment in Carolita Johnson’s “A Woman’s Work” series is up at Longreads.

How to Get a Corporate Job

It’s not hard to get a job at a major company’s corporate headquarters, especially if you treat it like a goal.

When You Work for Google But Don’t Work for Google

Here’s your longread for this afternoon: “Inside Google’s Shadow Workforce,” at Bloomberg.

Will it Pay in Omaha?

The Washington Post profiles two Omaha residents as they attend a job-training program, prepare for interviews, and attempt to find work.

My First Suit Was a Thousand-Dollar Mistake

No one else’s pants were cuffed or pleated. My $80 tie was too wide.

On Full Employment Without Wage Growth

It wasn’t supposed to work this way.

Quit Your Job

Our careers depend on it!

Dress for the Job You Have

This purchase would mark my transition from the casual wardrobes of grad school and summer camp into the sobering reality of the modern American office workplace.

Work and What I Wore

Four food service jobs, four uniforms.

Poverty, From a Paramedic’s Perspective

Here’s another essay that’ll stick with you: Elizabeth Rosen’s “A Real Emergency,” at Hazlitt.