A Tuesday News Roundup on Schools, Shutdowns, and Stephanie Land

Make sure you read the Washington Post article on what happens now that the shutdown is (temporarily) over; it’s packed with information, much of which I wasn’t aware of.

A “Why Is the Government STILL SHUT DOWN” Open Thread

Sorry to turn this open thread into another News Roundup.

More Government Shutdown Stories, Because This Thing Is STILL GOING ON

I wish I had better news for you today, but here we go:

How to Help People Affected by the Government Shutdown

The best way to help seems to be by making donations to food banks and other charitable organizations.

An Open Thread on Inventing Things That Already Exist

Today I literally thought to myself “I wish there were an easy way that we could all share a little bit of our income to help government workers get paid.”

Today’s News Roundup Isn’t Entirely Political

I’ve got an Ask a Manager column in there, to balance out all of the government shutdown stories.

I Got a Job. Then the Government Shut Down.

I’m supposed to start working for the IRS in February — and I need this job.

Throwback Thursday: Money I Spent and Lost During the Government Shutdown

Spent the entire day on the couch, watching television in my pajamas, and obsessively checking the Washington Post for shutdown updates.

My First Furlough

Being furloughed is exceptionally weird.

Money I Spent and Lost During the Government Shutdown