If Amazon Sets Up a Chicago Headquarters, It’ll Get to Keep Its Workers’ Income Tax

Seriously. The city of Chicago offered Amazon the option to keep the state income tax earned by Amazon workers.

Jeff Bezos Is a $100 Billionaire

Thanks, holiday shoppers!

Will Amazon Lockers Be the Hot New Apartment Amenity?

I get the appeal of having your Amazon packages safely contained inside a locker instead of, say, piled underneath the mailboxes.

You Can Return Amazon Products to Kohl’s Now

Also, you get to park in special “Amazon customer” spaces!

Amazon Wants to Buy Cable Channels and Sell Us Access to Them

Wow, I literally haven’t thought about VH1 in… years.

How Low Can the Grocery Prices Go?

Target just slashed prices to compete with Amazon.

Part of Kohl’s Is Amazon Now

Specifically, the Amazon Smart Home Experience.

Amazon Whole Foods Starts Today

And the prices are supposed to be… lower?

You Can’t Get Rich Quick Reselling Eclipse Glasses

And you probably shouldn’t put all of those eclipse glasses on your credit card.

Amazon Might Start Doing Meal Kits