You Can Return Amazon Products to Kohl’s Now

Photo credit: Mike Mozart, CC BY 2.0.

Like most of us, I’ve returned the occasional item to Amazon—and although it isn’t a particularly onerous process, it does include a few steps:

  1. Fill out the return form at Amazon Dot Com
  2. Print the shipping label (I don’t have a printer, so I do this at the FedEx next to the Safeway)
  3. Pack the item and attach the shipping label
  4. Drop the item into an Amazon locker (conveniently located at the Safeway next to the FedEx)

Now, Amazon’s giving us the option to streamline this process into a single step: take the item to Kohl’s.

As CNBC reports:

On Tuesday, Kohl’s said it will begin accepting returns at certain U.S. locations. The retailer will pack and ship eligible items — back to an Amazon fulfillment center — for free.

As you might remember, Kohl’s is already updating its stores to devote 1,000 square feet (per store) to the Amazon Smart Home Experience, so it makes sense that Amazon wants to add one more reason to get you in the store. The Amazon Return Experience—which is actually called “Amazon Returns at Kohl’s”—is not yet available at every Kohl’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the service expand in the next few months. Here’s the official Kohl’s statement:

Amazon Returns at Kohl’s creates a convenient location for Amazon customers to return eligible merchandise to select local Kohl’s stores. Items can be returned free of charge regardless of return reason and regardless of whether the items are packaged for shipping. Kohl’s will package and transport all returned items to Amazon return centers. As an additional convenience, customers visiting Kohl’s for Amazon Returns at Kohl’s services can use designated parking spots near the store entrance.

Priority parking for Amazon customers? Wow, it sounds like… well, honestly, it sounds like Amazon is trying to take over retail.

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