How I Solved the “Food Problem”

I haven’t cooked in nine months. It wasn’t my intention to go this long without cooking so much as a bowl of quinoa, but here I am.

The Cost of Eating Clean, Bro

I never thought that Eat Clean Bro would be something that I would want to partake in, until my boyfriend started a new job working the night shift at a lab.

Why I’m Constantly Returning to the Supermarket

At least once per transaction, I catch something — last week it was a jar of peanut butter, on sale for $3.99, that rang up at $5.49.

Less for Your Money

Am I the only one noticing that many food items are shrinking their portions while raising the price?

Going From the Best Food to the Cheapest Food

I can no longer afford fruits but sometimes I do treat myself to bananas when I’m feeling particularly rich.

August Grocery Spending: Single Mom With a Toddler Outside DC

Overall, I spent $362.79 on groceries in August — more than I hoped to spend, but less than my average based on the past year.

The Cost of a Night at Minibar

The meal we experienced was unlike any other dinner we’ve had before, or will have again for a long time.

It’s Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass Day!

Who’s going to try to sign up?

How Much Should You Be Spending on Groceries? Ask the USDA

The Official USDA Food Plans are fascinating.

Why My Pickle Hobby Never Became a Side Hustle

I couldn’t stop giving them away!

How to Stock Your First Kitchen

This kitchen setup will enable you to cook a wide variety of foods without breaking the bank.

The Cost of Making My Own Peanut Butter Popcorn

This was such a good idea — thank you for suggesting it!

What Do You Think of This $50 Shopping List?

A week’s worth of food, for one person, for $50.

The Cost of Drinking Huel for Breakfast and Lunch

Yes, I recently boarded the Huel Train.

The Delivery Dilemma: Comparing Online Grocery Delivery Services in NYC

FreshDirect, Peapod, and Amazon Fresh.

This Is What Meal Planning Looks Like

I have been planning this empty refrigerator for WEEKS.

Impress Your Loved Ones With A Ham

Ham looks hard but is actually quite easy. And cheap.

How Not to Live: A Photo Essay on State Fair Food

Soothing One’s Heart Through One’s Stomach

I had exactly one dollar and fifty cents in cash in my wallet.

Middle Class Snack Kids