This Is What Meal Planning Looks Like

I’m leaving for the airport this morning, and I’ll be gone for the next eight days. (Nine, if you count today.)

I ate every bit of food in my refrigerator except for half a head of garlic, the flour and sugar that I keep in the refrigerator because I’ve lived in apartments with insect problems (not this one, but it’s a habit now), and the ketchup, red wine vinegar (which probably doesn’t need to be refrigerated but whatever) and salad dressing.

And, of course, the open box of baking soda.

I feel like I won a game.

My plane gets in at 5:45 on Saturday night, which probably means I’ll grab dinner before I go home. On Sunday, I have oatmeal in the cupboard for breakfast and “get groceries” on the to-do list. If I end up getting takeout on Sunday and groceries on Monday, that’s no big deal. I’m just delighted that I was able to plan my meals to the point where I won’t have any food that will go bad in my refrigerator while I’m gone.

(In the interest of full disclosure, last month I had to compost a package of tofu because it expired two days before I had planned to eat it, so I’m not holding myself up as the best meal planner ever. But I still love that empty fridge.)

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