Dear Businesslady’s Guide to Getting Promoted

Boss Up and Change Your Life in 2019

Ask Nicole: What Are Some Secure Money Management Options?

Nobody wants to get their data stolen.

Ask Nicole: Should I Pay Off Debt Before Building My Emergency Fund?

Do I aggressively pay off the student loan first, before worrying about my emergency fund? Is there a good way to balance the two goals?

Dear Businesslady: How Do I Manage?

Advice on being a boss.

Ask Nicole: Do I Have to Put My Partner’s Name on My Mortgage?

I currently live with my partner (we aren’t married) in a condo that I purchased before I met him.

Projects Work When They’re Right

On creativity, and how I get everything done.

Dear Businesslady: Remote Possibilities

What work-from-home routine is right for you?

Dear Businesslady: “That’s Not in My Job Description”

Advice for distinguishing between inappropriate and acceptable impositions on your work-time.

The Trouble With Financial Advice

I’ve got three articles full of financial advice to share with you today — and although they’re all offering good, solid advice, I feel like something’s missing.

Ask Nicole: How Do I Get a Raise and Time Off While Still Working in My Field?

I’m a recent humanities PhD with lots of student loan debt struggling to get my life together.

Ask Nicole: Can My Husband and I Agree on How to Spend Our Money?

On budgets, communication, and food.

Dear Businesslady: Dealing With Dealbreakers

If you love your job, don’t let let your boss ruin it for you.

Ask Nicole: Should I Feel Bad About My Big Purchase?

I told you I was going to do an advice column.

Would You Let Your Father’s Girlfriend Pay Off Your Student Loans?

I’m not sure I agree with Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond’s advice.

Pay-What-You-Want? So How Much Should I Pay?

It’s hard to pay $0 for something you’re used to getting for free.

Dear Businesslady: On Emotional Labor and Regular Labor

The gift of telling someone “no.”

Dear Businesslady: The Calculus of the Aftermath

Advice for embracing the new normal.

Dear Businesslady and the Case of the Intolerable Coworker

Or, how to escape a tangled web of frustration.

Dear Businesslady: Time Is Money, but I’d Rather Have the Time

Advice on work-life balance and scaling back.

Dear Businesslady: How Do I Manage Being Micromanaged?

Advice about bullying bosses and preposterous policies.

If You Can Save Time by Buying Something, Buy It

Here comes some more “what to do in 2018” financial advice!

You Had Better Make These Investing Moves OR ELSE

And make them by the end of the year, okay?

How the NYT Thinks We Should Do Money Next Year

We’re supposed to order more takeout. (Seriously.)

Dear Businesslady: Fighting the Work-From-Home Isolation Stress

Staying calm and connected when you’re a remote employee.

Did You Read the Dear Prudence About the Ex Who Left $10,000 in Cash in a Couch?

And what advice would you give this letter writer?